About Us

We are absolutely passionate about high-quality garments and designs that we, and our clients, are very proud of.

We founded in 2011 when I was study in UK, London, alerted many brands looking for good quality and reliable suppliers in China to do their production, with the barrier of cultural difference and acknowledgement of China garment industry, difficult to enter China. In view of the situation, with my Master of Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship, we started up a garment trading company in Hong Kong to provide production throughout mainland China.

Most brand founders come to China and search for suppliers directly, especially looking for suppliers who could do all items from sourcing to shipment without an agency or trading company, on the other hand, it gives much higher production cost. More effective is to search for suppliers who specialize in specific item with competitive production price, consequently, a brand could maintain competitiveness in their market as well.

We do the part for you to seek for suppliers for different items. We provide chain service from fabric and accessories sourcing and development to garment shipment. Our customer can be easily just send us tech packs, we will give our professional technical advice and samples will be submitted accordingly. We are strong in casual wear and street wear, both woven and knits, both womans and mens padding jacket, down jacket and washing pants / cargo pants. Our customer based in Europe – Germany and USA.

To satisfy our customers. Contribute to the fashion industry in the foundational layer of fashion cycle, provide good quality and service to our valuable customers. Base on your ideas and designs plus our technique to make ideal garments. Sequentially meliorate other part of the whole fashion cycle included manufacturing, retailing, selling, design, marketing and buying. Consumers looking for good quality products.

With an aim to foster the productivity and competitiveness of Hong Kong’s garment trade through the provision of fast and ideality service, it is the Company’s mission “to be the most influential trading service provider in Hong Kong”.


Years of close relationship to major fabric suppliers, who are able to provide latest fabric development

Develop samples , lab-dips, handlooms, knit down, strike-off, mock ups as customer’s design


“Can do”, everything is possible

We like challenges


Purchase the fabric from a few steady suppliers, as a result better pricing and service

Identify factories and establish long term relationship, steady production translate into more competitive price


Approval and production samples

Lab test

Fully computerized with internet and e-mail communication in any part of the world with our customers as well as suppliers


Fabric inspection based on 4 points system

Frequent QC inspection during production


We understand the retail and merchandise better than most trading because of our participancy in the industry

We are obsessed with delivery


To treasure the business relationship with our customers and suppliers

To be a service oriented value added supplier

To deliver a good night sleep







We are strong in casual wear and street wear, both woven and knits, both womens and mens. Various categories, such as padding and down jackets, washing and cargo pants etc.